What does Client Login look like?


When clients click your Online Booking button they will be given the option to Login using their email address. They can choose to skip this step if they prefer which leads them directly to your Online Booking system.

If they enter their email they will instantly be sent a 6 digit code to enter. Entering the code will log them into their client record. Their logged in session does not expire and they won't have to login again unless they decide to log out later.

Upcoming Appointments

Logged in clients can see all their upcoming appointments as soon as they login, meaning they will always have access to their booking calendar and won't need to wait for reminder messages to get details of their appointments. 

If you have enables client amendments and cancellations they will also be able to make these changes directly from client login, rather than through the emailed url they previously needed to use. Giving clients greater visibility and control over their appointments is a great way to make sure that they are booked in to an appropriate time and reduce your no shows. Client Login will respect all your existing restrictions about changes and cancellations in line with your cancelation policy.

Here you see the process for changing or cancelling an appointment, as well as the error that presents if a client tries to change an appointment too close to the booking.

Appointment History

While we have shared details of upcoming appointments with Clients for some time, Client Login allows your clients to access their appointment history. This makes it really easy for clients to look back at previous visits to rebook the services and staff that they loved. 

To make things even easier, we've added a simple 'Book again' button which preselects their preferred service, staff member and location . All the client needs to do is select the date and time that works for them. 

Please note that services will book in for their default duration. If you do not already do so, you may want to consider creating longer or shorter services where required so that your clients can easily rebook online using Client Login. For example, if you regularly increase the appointment length for a haircut with a client with long, thick hair, you may want to create a service 'Haircut - Long' to simplify rebooking.

Booking an Appointment

It's much easier for your clients to book a new appointment with Client login as well.