Managing Client Login

Enabling Client Login - We will turn on Client Login for our Beta customers

You can enable Client Login from the Online Booking section of the Timely Setup. Tick the box next to Client Login to turn on Client Login. 

Please note if you have multiple clients associated with the same SMS number the most recent client profile will be surfaced when this email is used to login. We'll warn you of any duplicates when you turn on Client Login. You may want to review these duplicates to make sure your clients can view all of their appointments when they login.

Cancellations and changes

Client Login will use your existing cancelation and change policy that you have set for Online Booking. You can review your cancelation and changes settings in the Online Booking section of Timely setup. You are able to enable or disable changes and cancellations, as well as set a cutoff time preventing changes to appointments within a set timeframe.

Colour scheme

If you have set a custom colour for your Online Booking, we'll use the same colour for your Client Login. This way your business' brand is carried through at every point that your clients are interacting with you.


Client Login allows your clients to quickly rebook previous appointments. Just like cancellations and changes, we'll follow your settings and only allow services to be rebooked if they are permitted to be booked online.