Client Login Beta

Thank you for agreeing to take part in the Client Login Beta trial!

Client Login has been a long requested feature and we're excited for the doors it will open. For it's first iteration we've focused on giving your clients more visibility and control over their appointments. Client Login will work with Online Booking to give clients access to their appointment history and upcoming bookings, allowing them to quickly rebook past appointments and centralising the moving/cancel functionality that until now has been accessed through email links. Clients will log in using a one time code sent to their SMS number, which means no passwords to remember, and almost instantaneous login on mobile. 

There are a few things for you to be aware of about the Beta.

Work is ongoing

This is very much an in progress product. We will be adding new features over the coming weeks and months as we observe how you and your clients are interacting with it. We'll let you know of any major changes, but you may notice minor tweaks here.

Accessing Client Login

To turn on the trial we will be redirecting your online booking link to point at the new Client Login version of online booking. If you use our mini website or the Timely coded booking buttons these will not redirect to the trial yet. Based on how the trial goes, we will change over all booking links in the coming weeks.

Accurate SMS numbers

Because clients will use their SMS number to log in, it's really important that you are collecting correct, unique SMS numbers for your clients. We will be adding a prompt to remind your staff to add SMS numbers when making appointments for clients who we don't have an SMS number for. And we will also prevent you from adding an SMS number for a Client if this number is already saved against a different client. If you have a genuine reason why you need to save the same number against multiple accounts we recommend adding the SMS number in the Phone Number field of the second client. However this means they will be unable to login and view their appointments.

Providing Feedback

Please let us know any feedback, good or bad that you would like to share with us. You can message Cat, the Product Owner for Client Login at, or you can reach the whole development team on We will also provide a small link inside Client Login so that your customers can feedback directly to us as well.