Cardless Checkout on TimelyPay

TimelyPay now allows you to capture your Client's credit card when taking payments online so that you can take payments against your clients’ saved cards at checkout. 

Card capture not only helps protect your business by protecting against no shows, its offers an incredible client experience that will make every client feel like a VIP.

This feature is currently in Beta. Email us at if you are interested to join our program.

  • How Cardless Checkout works on TimelyPay
  • Managing saved cards
  • Restrictions on using Cardless Checkout

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    How to enable Cardless Checkout

    You will need to be using TimelyPay to use Cardless Checkout. Learn more about setting up TimelyPay. Cardless checkout also requires Online Booking be enabled. You should also make sure that 'Client Login' has been selected in your Online Bookings

    To activate the Card Capture setting, go to Setup > Online Payments then click the box that says 'Activate card capture'. This will require logged in clients to save their card and agree to your payment terms before they are able to make a booking or an online payment.

    Please note that during the Beta, saving a card will be optional if a payment is not required or when clients choose pay later. However, once we go Live, saving a card will be mandatory for clients (if this setting is activated) even when payment is not required.


    How to check out a client with Cardless Checkout 

    Once your clients start saving their cards, you will see new a payment type called Saved cards appear as an option when you are processing a sale. You will be able to select the client's saved card to charge against the sale.

    If you'd like to pay by a different method, just click 'Other payment types' to use any of your other configured payment types. 

    If you'd like to use a saved card for a part payment, just adjust the amount that you would like to charge in the box that says 'Enter amount'.

    Once you're happy with your payment type click save to process the sale as normal.


    How Cardless Checkout works for clients

    1. During Online Booking or when making a payment online, your client will be prompted to log in using their mobile number. This is how we confirm their identity.
    2. A tick box called "Save my card details for future payments" will appear when making a booking or payment. This will save the client's card to Timely, and capture the client's consent to charge their card for future payments.

    4. Logged in clients will be able to use their saved cards online the next time they need to make a payment with you.


    How can you manage saved cards

    Your clients' saved cards will be shown under the Customers page of your Timely app. On this page, you can see how many cards are saved against that client and remove a card on their behalf.

    To learn more about storing cards on TimelyPay, check this help article.


    Current restrictions to Cardless Checkout

    How can you capture cards from offline bookings?

    At the moment, cards can only be captured from online channels. If you want to try to capture cards from offline bookings, you can direct your clients to the My Cards section of the Client Login, which will allow them to save a card without making a booking.

    Can you charge saved cards for no-show/cancellation fees?

    This functionality is not yet available during Beta. We will add this later on once we go Live.

    What happens if a saved card does not have sufficient balance?

    Since we are currently not putting a hold on saved cards when there is no payment taken, we will prompt the staff member to send an online payment link to the client or select another payment method instead if the payment fails.